Stockbridge Long Sofa


New Country Collection
84″W x 37″D x 37 1/2″H
Seat, 67″W x 23″D x 20″H

Grade A $2300
Grade B $2500
Grade C $2700
Grade F $3850

Sofa 72″

Grade A $2150
Grade B $2325
Grade C $2500
Grade F $3500

Sofa 90″

Grade A $2450
Grade B $2700
Grade C $2950
Grade F $4250

American Primitive Collection

Made from two-dimensional S-shaped heavy duty wire, zigzag springs are known in the upholstery industry as “no-sag” springs are typically used in ottomans, sofas, and chairs and are ideal in furniture pieces with shallow frames.

American Country Collection

A time-honored construction method using a series of coils, each tied from front to back, side to side and diagonally eight times. This system creates even comfort and prevents “give” in the frame. This traditional method is believed to offer superior comfort but should never be confused with Drop-in or Machine-tied coils, which some furniture retailers pass off as eight-way.

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We will then ask for a deposit with the full price being charged when your furniture piece is being delivered.
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